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Effective hygiene practices are of utmost importance to us. Our piercer – Jonny – attends bloodborne pathogens exposure control training courses annually to ensure the hygiene level in our shop is up-to-date.


All non-disposable equipment goes through a 3-stage cleaning process: by hand, ultrasonic cleaner, then sealed in sterilisation packets and autoclaved.

All jewellery also receives the same treatment. 

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Individual Packings

All equipment and jewellery remain kept in the individual sterilisation packets and will only open during a piercing session. All non-disposable equipment and jewellery that were opened but have not been used during any piercing session will go through the 3-stage cleaning process as mentioned above.


Piercing Jewelleries

All of our jewellery and piercing needles are imported from trustable suppliers in the UK. Every jewellery will be double checked by us with a magnet to ensure it is 100% titanium and does not contain any nickel.

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