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Our shop is an extension of who we are. We’re often told that we’ve got one of the cleanest and friendliest shops around town. Our work ethic and integrity have been ingrained here, and we love getting the chance to pass on our experience to our customers. We go the extra mile to earn your trust — stop by today and feel the The Dragons Lair Tattoo (HK) difference.

Jonny - profile.jpg

Shop Owner


Specialised in Neo-Traditional and Custom Design.


Jonny is a former apprentice of the Old-school Master and Hong Kong tattooing legend - Jimmy Ho.

Resident Artist


Specialised in Anime, Manga and Colour Realistic.


Dragon Ball, Pokemon, Disney, Arcane, Chainsaw Man... You name it!!

eva - profile.jpg
norman - profile.jpg

Resident Artist


Specialised in Custom Freehand Lettering that fits your body shape perfectly.

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